Hiconics Europe was founded in 2019 as an independent German company responsible for the production, sales and service of the Hiconics electrical drives product range. As a member of the international Hiconics sales organization we have access to the technology and the production of the Chinese market leader in Medium Voltage Frequency Drives.

Founded in 2003 as a technology spin off for medium voltage frequency drives from the Beijing University, the company developed over the past 17 years to a listed high-tech enterprise specialized in industrial automation control products.
With a global staff of 1 .800 employees, Hiconics produced already more than 16 .000 medium voltage drives with an increasing annual quantity, reaching 2 .500 MV-VFD in 2019.

Over the years the Hiconics customer base grow up from local end users and machine builders to international system integrators and OEM customers who implement the Hiconics drives into their own machines.
Today we produce and deliver more than 80% of our export sales as a brand labeled version of our own HI-VERT and HE-VERT product line. As a result, many people most probably know our products and work with them since years but doesn’t even know they are coming from Hiconics.

Hiconics Europe design and produce the HE-VERT product line exclusively in Germany. A high vertical integration of the production process starting from the metal gear, over the engineering and switch gear production up to the final test and service provides greatest flexibility while keeping the core processes in house and under quality control.