ISO 9001 Quality controlled production process

Customer oriented solution and service

Compre­hensive in line power cell quality system

Components inspection


The first and the most important step of production inspection Hiconics equip with professional tools,such as electrical capacitor tester, leakage tester, to test 100% of IGBT, capacitor. With strict test, Hiconics is trying to prevent quality problem.

Aging test for PCB


PCB aging test is classified to be high-low temperature aging test and simulation systemaging test. High-low temperature aging test: PCB will be place in the environment with temperature difference from -20 degree to 80 degree for 73 hours. Simulation system aging test: PCB will be connected as system power on for functional test.

Power cell aging test


Power cell will run at 1.2 times rated voltage and current condition, 100 A 500 A power cell aging test equipment, By touch screen control system to monitor and manage all the power cells.

System aging test


System commissioning test platform locate 11 couple motors, by different match to get different voltages from China and international market. Test platform is control by pad and PLC, easy to collect data and storage. High efficiency and serious system test guarantee the device long-term stable running.

System Test

General information

Motor qty: 23
Coupling:  11 pairs
Power rating:  110 kW – 3 .200 kW
Frequency range:  0 – 60 Hz
Voltage range:  0 – 13.8 kV

Test content:

VFD full load test, torque test, braking test, Synchronous motor coupling test, high precise VFD test, AFE VFD test. Generator group for special voltage demand.

Sync switch

System composed of 4 reactor with different current, according to VFD, test different power VFD for swtich between rated frequency to variable frequency.

M13 800 kW / 10 kV
M16 800 kW / 13 .800 V

800kW Sync generator group output 0~60Hz, amplitute 0 – 13.8kV, simulate strict test condition to VFD, such as different frequency, voltage condition.

M1–M2 3 .200 kW / 10 kV

Torque test and braking system supply start test (for Snyc motor), locked-rotor test, on load test and torque test.

M18 500 kW / 1 .140 V / 660 V
M17 800 kW / 10 kV

Rated frequency 50 / 60 Hz, speed 3 .000 / 3 .600 rpm, supply on load and precise VFD test demand.

M3 630 kW / 10 kV
M4 630 kW / 6 kV

Motor rated current up to 1 .706 A, able to test on load test , aging test for VFD.

M23 1 .600 kW / 1 .140 V / 660 V
M22 1 .600 kW / 10 kV / 6 kV

Different connection mode, drive by 1 or 2 VFD for master-slave test.

M5 400 kW / 10 kV
M6 460 kW / 6 kV

Rated frequency 50 Hz, supplyon load test for small power VFD.

M11–M12 800 kW / 10 kV

Fulfill braking and torque test.

M20–M19 110 kW / 1 .140 kV

Able to simulate onsite condition to do LV load test on the drives and components burning.

M9–M10 1 .600 kW / 10 kV

M14 500 kW / 6 kV
M15 500 kW / 7 .200 V

M7–M8 630 kW / 10 kV